PCD Franchise


PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India –Viderma Skin Sciences is the most reliable institution for medicines of all kinds. With our achievements in the healthcare department, we are expanding our influence in India. Since starting, we are on the mission to reach out to our quality product range to all the needy customers. For that, We have been introducing our PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Pan India. In this opportunity, we are inviting all the Pharma professionals, who are willing to be a part of the Pharma industry.

Our main mission is to provide the people of the country access to high-quality medicines like they never had before. Expanding our business in all parts of the country has been the main aim of our Company from day one. Through the unique business model our great PCD Pharma Franchise Company, we have gathered several Pharma professionals who are willing to bring a change to their communities with our tried and tested range of medicines. Here at ,Viderma Skin Sciences we are looking forward to making a significant impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry with our groundbreaking formulations.

Viderma Advantages

Viderma has a Team of Experienced persons with Pharma background to serve & deliver the customer requirements to their satisfaction. In addition, we have large warehousing provisions in Baddi (HP) to store & supply finished products with efficient logistics system.

Viderma’s marketing strength lies in a thorough market research and study of health conditions and consequent business opportunities.

Viderma’s strategic perceptions about launch of new products & advanced dosage forms have consistently given the organization a distinct edge over the competition

The company is growing at a fast pace with an impressive turn over and is poised to occupy a premier place in the Indian Pharmaceutical Trade.


    Why Business With Us

    We are extending an invitation to all people who are hailing from Pharma backgrounds to avail this lucrative business opportunity. For applying, you may call us on the number +91 9815620908, or you may send us an email at biozocinc@gmail.com.

    With our Pharma Franchise efforts, we have made a name for ourselves all around the nation. Our promise of quality is one we tend to keep. Therefore, we work hard to create a line of medications that can be helpful for all. With a mission to preserve quality all the while extend for quantity is why we are so successful at the Pharma Franchise Business

    With more than 500 thriving products in the Pharmaceutical Market, we are looking to make an impression on the Pharmaceutical Industry of India. This is why our team of about 100 employees are dead set on creating a line of medications for the benefit of our customers. We provide a long line of products for a franchise in pan India. For instance, we excel in creating:

    • Tablets
    • Capsules
    • Ointments
    • Protein powders
    • Drops (nasal and ophthalmic)
    • Soft-gel Capsules
    • Injections
    • Creams
    • Suspensions
    • Dry syrups
    • Oils, and
    • Gels, etc.